Photography Kobi Gulianni

The Mint Collection has been dressing the stars and the entertainment industry from head-to-toe in the most unique, stunning, and stylish pieces for award shows, magazine shoots, music videos and movie premieres for over 15 years.  For years, many of our clients have asked us to start a website so that they could shop online anytime so we have finally done it!  We specialize in finding the perfect dress for each and every one of our customers.   We know it can be hard choosing a dress off an internet site. Many of those sites do not have any actual inventory and most of them have never even seen the dresses in person. We have an actual standing retail boutique on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles where we house thousands of dresses. We have not only seen most of the styles personally, our expert fitters have had a chance to review each style and can help you with fit based on your body type.  With all our experience and expertise in the fashion world, we will be sure to find a perfect dress for you!


Please call us if you have any questions or need help finding a dress. We will be happy to help you.